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Taushif Raza

Taushif Raza is a 9 yrs old Male child of Md. Taslim
and Tabassum Ara, who diagnosed as Rickets with
Bilateral Genu Valgum deformity . He has 2
brother and 1 sister. In December 2018 we found
him in a door to door survey and we got aware
about GRIRR Service and counselling with mother
about the Rehabilitation service of GRIRR.
In the last week of December 2018 Endolite
company had organized a free orthopedic camp in
GRIRR supported by ISHWAR( International
Society for Human Welfare And Rehabilitation)
and they selected Taushif for corrective surgery .

His father works as labour and earns Rs
200/-month ,his family background is very poor
as they are 6 people staying in one small room .
They didn’t take any treatment as they cannot
afford the cost .

In January 2019 he underwent corrected surgery
Orthosis management .

Now the deformity has been corrected 99% and as
per his mother, she was very happy and said “
before he wasn’t not able to do prayer as he was
not able to fold the Legs which was also very difficult for him to use the toilet. But now he is using the toilet without any difficulty and he even prays everyday.

Taushif Raza