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Marhaba Parveen

Marhaba Parveen is a four and half years old daughter who was diagnosed with Joubert Syndrome in 2017 at GRIRR. She is a single child stays with her parents. Her family background is very poor. Her father works as labour on a daily payment basis. They knew about her condition from the beginning and were taking her for treatment to a government hospital.

Before they were taking rehabilitation service from one of NGO called MOBILITY INDIA Kolkata, but due to some issues the NGO has stopped working in Garden Reach . So Marhaba’s mother became the first person who organized a parents meeting because she was worried about her child and the other children who used to receive rehab service from Mobility India. In the meeting parents taught us to continue this center with our minimum contribution, as per them in garden reach there is not any NGO or any hospital who provides rehabilitation service if they go far to receive those services it will hamper their father who works on a daily basis. And GRIRR started work at Garden Reach.

Previous status : When Marhaba started to come at GRIRR she was not able to sit without support, and not give any response to any call. We plan IRP for her condition
and provide regular therapy and special education with home based planning. But her mother is very energetic and positive to her condition; she follows our guidance.

Present Status : Now Marhaba improves her sitting balance and she sits without support for 10 minutes and response to her name. Her mother is very happy and father always cooperates to come to the center to continue the service.