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GRIRR Physiotherapy unit , which evaluates the children to make them independent in their lives through the Rehabilitation therapy and ADL training , So the children may have the social participation in school , society or family function . Children Mobility and independency are very important , because Most of the children who are dependent on others won’t have opportunities to include in such of these social participation .
During SMART Goal setting , we include Parents and caretakers to understand the goals as per the child’s abilities and then Discuss Rehab plan for center and teach them Home based plans .

Rehabilitation Services which include :
1) Screening : To understand what kind of disability present .
2) Assessment : Include Physical and social problems .
3) Referral : If they need any specific test or treatments .
4) Rehab intervention plan: including therapy, ADL training , Appliances etc .
5) Goal setting : Which include Short & long term goals .
6) Assistive devices : Include orthosis .
7) Developmental aids : Include corner seat, Special chair , Standing frame etc .
8) ADL devices : Include Modified Spoon and brush .
9) Home based programs for parents : In which home base technique are demonstrated .

Garden Reach Institution for Rehabilitation and Research is a social innovative platform that act as a catalyst to positively impact marginalized communities to realize their potential through rights , protection , sports , education and livelihood . Garden Reach Institution for Rehabilitation and Research (GRIRR) is committed to support the journey of children to attain self-reliant adulthood through quality education , therapeutic services and job placement . The organization has served the community sincerely since 2014 in Garden Reach . Garden Reach Institution for Rehabilitation and Research is an institute that is trying to provide the inclusive education to the children with special needs .

Garden Reach Institute for the Rehabilitation and Research also incubates values of inclusive society and works with children and young adults with special needs , it is designed for that reason . GRIRR is working directly at grassroots level with the economically and socially underprivileged , to make education accessible and relevant .

Children are reached out , screened through specialized tools and mainstream supports are provided through parents training , support on orientation and nobilities , school preparedness , enrollment and pedagogical support to attain academic skills . Therefore the education opportunities imparted by GRIRR is in formal and special learning format . GRIRR provide the therapy and education for children with special needs .

The working Process of GRIRR for making inclusive set up
Survey and Screening : GRIRR team conducts door to door Survey at different Areas and screen children based on the observation and previous medical records .
Testing and certification : GRIRR refers children to appropriate facilities to obtain required testing and certifications .
Assessment : Assessment is done by different tools that are developed by special educators .
Goal selection :The different goals are set based on children’s strength and needs .
I.E.P.(Individualized Educational Programme) : Based on mainstream goals , curriculum adaptation plans and Individualized Educational Programme are prepared along with the inclusive set up.
School Enrolment: Enrollment support are provided to local formal and special schools based on circumstances of children and their families .
Special Learning methods adopted by GRIRR :
GRIRR adopts some methods which are usually followed by educators and teachers for different types of children with special needs –
Mental Retardation : Demonstration , Colour Coding , Picture method , Mental Modeling , Peer Education , I.E.P Methods along with special teaching/learning materials .
Hearing Impairment : Visual and video based training , Picture method , Basic sign languages , Gestures , Colour coding with special teaching/learning materials .
Visual Impairment: Audio method , VAKT method (Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Tactile) and Auditory Kinesthetic Tactile method along with comprehension type question method for blind .
Autism : I.E.P, music-sound method , Colour-Size-shape method , Time out method , ADL(Activities of Daily Life) activity.
Learning Disability : Special Remedial Teaching after identifying their problem area in each type of learning disability including
Slow Learner : Motivation , discussion , Time out method , Reinforcements .
Multiple Disability : ADL,I.E.P. ( Activities of daily living individual education plan )
Cerebral Palsy : ADL,I.E.P. ( Activities of daily living individual education plan )
Evaluation : After Special Remedial teaching , each children are evaluated and then next level plans are designed .