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GRIRR Physiotherapy unit , which evaluates the children to make them independent in their lives through the Rehabilitation therapy and ADL training , So the children may have the social participation in school , society or family function . Children Mobility and independency are very important , because Most of the children who are dependent on others won’t have opportunities to include in such of these social participation .
During SMART Goal setting , we include Parents and caretakers to understand the goals as per the child’s abilities and then Discuss Rehab plan for center and teach them Home based plans .

Rehabilitation Services which include :
1) Screening : To understand what kind of disability present .
2) Assessment : Include Physical and social problems .
3) Referral : If they need any specific test or treatments .
4) Rehab intervention plan: including therapy, ADL training , Appliances etc .
5) Goal setting : Which include Short & long term goals .
6) Assistive devices : Include orthosis .
7) Developmental aids : Include corner seat, Special chair , Standing frame etc .
8) ADL devices : Include Modified Spoon and brush .
9) Home based programs for parents : In which home base technique are demonstrated .

Garden Reach Institution for Rehabilitation and Research is a social innovative platform that act as a catalyst to positively impact marginalized communities to realize their potential through rights , protection , sports , education and livelihood . Garden Reach Institution for Rehabilitation and Research (GRIRR) is committed to support the journey of children to attain self-reliant adulthood through quality education , therapeutic services and job placement . The organization has served the community sincerely since 2014 in Garden Reach . Garden Reach Institution for Rehabilitation and Research is an institute that is trying to provide the inclusive education to the children with special needs .

Garden Reach Institute for the Rehabilitation and Research also incubates values of inclusive society and works with children and young adults with special needs , it is designed for that reason . GRIRR is working directly at grassroots level with the economically and socially underprivileged , to make education accessible and relevant .

Children are reached out , screened through specialized tools and mainstream supports are provided through parents training , support on orientation and nobilities , school preparedness , enrollment and pedagogical support to attain academic skills . Therefore the education opportunities imparted by GRIRR is in formal and special learning format . GRIRR provide the therapy and education for children with special needs .

The working Process of GRIRR for making inclusive set up
Survey and Screening : GRIRR team conducts door to door Survey at different Areas and screen children based on the observation and previous medical records .
Testing and certification : GRIRR refers children to appropriate facilities to obtain required testing and certifications .
Assessment : Assessment is done by different tools that are developed by special educators .
Goal selection :The different goals are set based on children’s strength and needs .
I.E.P.(Individualized Educational Programme) : Based on mainstream goals , curriculum adaptation plans and Individualized Educational Programme are prepared along with the inclusive set up.
School Enrolment: Enrollment support are provided to local formal and special schools based on circumstances of children and their families .
Special Learning methods adopted by GRIRR :
GRIRR adopts some methods which are usually followed by educators and teachers for different types of children with special needs –
Mental Retardation : Demonstration , Colour Coding , Picture method , Mental Modeling , Peer Education , I.E.P Methods along with special teaching/learning materials .
Hearing Impairment : Visual and video based training , Picture method , Basic sign languages , Gestures , Colour coding with special teaching/learning materials .
Visual Impairment: Audio method , VAKT method (Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Tactile) and Auditory Kinesthetic Tactile method along with comprehension type question method for blind .
Autism : I.E.P, music-sound method , Colour-Size-shape method , Time out method , ADL(Activities of Daily Life) activity.
Learning Disability : Special Remedial Teaching after identifying their problem area in each type of learning disability including
Slow Learner : Motivation , discussion , Time out method , Reinforcements .
Multiple Disability : ADL,I.E.P. ( Activities of daily living individual education plan )
Cerebral Palsy : ADL,I.E.P. ( Activities of daily living individual education plan )
Evaluation : After Special Remedial teaching , each children are evaluated and then next level plans are designed .

Physio Theraphy :

Over the years we have observed that a large section of our patients suffer from various orthopedic problems like spinal and knee – pain and injuries .With a view to address the problem we launched our physiotherapy department in Garden Reach , Physiotherapy not only relieves the pain of orthopedic patients but also addresses neurological disorders such as stroke ,cerebral palsy ,multiple sclerosis ,parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy . Physiotherapy treatment ,trough its therapeutic exercises ,improves the strength ,range of motion and corrects postural and muscle imbalance , joint mobilization ,manipulation and soft tissues massages , as well as stretching and trigger point therapy to reduce stiffness and relieve pain .In a country like india where physiotherapy is not readily available to poor people ,Our physiotherapy service is breaking grounds and reaching out to the underprivileged sections of the society.

Speech Therapy :

Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders .Its is performed by speech-language pathologists ( SLPs which are often referred to as speech therapist. Speech therapy techniques are used to improve communication. These include articulation therapy, language intervention activities and others depending on the type of speech or language disorder .Speech therapy may be needed for speech disorders that develop in childhood or speech impairments in adults caused by an injury or illness , such as stroke or brain injury.

Speech Therapy for children

For your child, speech therapy may take place in a classroom or small group ,or one -on- one , depending on the speech disorder, Speech therapy exercises and activities very depending on your child’s age and needs, during therapy for children , the SLP may:

  • Intreact through talking and playing ,and using books ,pictures others objects as part of language intervention to help stimulate language development.
  • Model correct sounds and syllables for a child during age- appropriate play to teach the child how to make certain sounds.
  • Provide strategies and homework for the child and parent or caregiver on how to do speech therapy at home.

Speech Therapy For Adults : Speech therapy exercises for adults help you with speech , language , and cognitive communication.

Special Education for Children with Disabilities :

Special Education refers to a range of services that can be provided in different way and in different settings. There’s no “one size fits All” approach to special education. It’s tailored to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Special Education focuses on helping children with disabilities learn. But it doesn’t mean placing Children in a special classroom all day long. In fact, federal law says that kids who get special education services should lean in the same classrooms as other kids as much as possible. This is known as the least restrictive environment (or LRE) the services and support for one student may be very different from those of another students. It’s all about resources the need to make progress in school. For example, some students may spend most of the day in general education classroom. Others may spend just an hour or two in a resource room working with a specialist. And others might need to attend a different school that specializes in teaching kids with learning disabilities. Kids who qualify for special education have an Individualized education Program (IEP). They get individualized teaching and other resources at no cost to their families .specialist work with kids on strength as well as challenges .And families are key members of the team that decides what kids need to thrive in school.

Heath Program :

Weekly Health clinic will continue to play an important role in responding to the coronavirus pandemic and in providing access to care for communities disproportionately affected by Covid 19 , Especially as job losses mount and the number of people  who are uninsured or covered by Medical rises . However , key findings from the GRIRR survey highlight The significant operational challenges health  clinic are facing ,which ,which threaten their longer-term financial viability. While the emergency federal funding provided so far has aided health centre coronavirus response , secure future funding will also be important to maintain the long-term viability of the primary care safety net after the pandemic over.

Women Empowerment And Community Development :

VOCATIONAL TRAINING Our vocational training workshops provide poor women with various viable livelihood skills. Last year we had started our vocational training program in West Bengal Garden Reach, Metaburuz slums of Kolkata   with 1 training center at Ram Nagar Lane  in Kolkata Garden Reach , Metaburuz  . This year we have provided training in Clay Pot Painting and Stitching to 52 participants in Garden Reach . Looking beyond the poor and economically disadvantaged, this year we have provided 40 disabled people rigorous training in soft toys making . In the April to August   we conducted workshops where the participants were taught the art of making mask  and wall hangings. Early this year our targeted 52 women from Garden Reach Slums but reached needy families of Garden Reach in Ward no 133 to 141 , Maheshtala, budgbudge  took training for business skill development. We have also been providing follow-up and refresher workshops in  Garden Reach , Khidrepore, Maheshtala, budgeBudge enrolled in Vocational Training to improve their learned business skills.

Ration Distribution during Covid lockdown :

Covid-19 no longer needs an introduction in our lives, its hit every corner of the globe leaving no stones unturned. The aftermath that came with it was way beyond belief. People started losing their jobs and sooner or later the economy will crash. We clearly understand that hunger was and will always be one of the many reasons of death, especially in third world countries. But, Covid19 made it a lot worst. The lockdown was imposed and people feared the outside world. People with roofs over their heads still managed somehow, but the question is what about the hand to mouth layman? Its things like these that draw the line among us humans and this is when the humanity in us needs to step in and join hands in combating hunger more than the disease.

GRIRR ever since inception has been trying its best to assist children with disabilities families and others community  women in distress to uplift the social and economical status by conducting various awareness and outreach programmes. These activities are not only in kolkata  but mostly dealt with Bihar  population also.

Kolkata Gives , PwC and Goonj Kolkata  contribution has helped GRIRR to perform better in combating COVID-19. It has enabled us to provide basic necessities like dry ration to people in need, particularly children with disabilities and  women with disabilities  in the weaker section of society. Throughout this pandemic, in the past three months GRIRR has distributed dry rations to Garden Reach , Metaburuz  Kolkata and Bihar  Village and Post Murar pur , Block lahladpur districts in Chapra ( saran) .

A total number of 2700 Households with total of 10000 individuals has benefitted from the GRIRR contributions. These rations were distributed to identify  persons with disabilities and women with disabilities  who are  single mothers and widows and most of them are kite stick maker  , daily wage earners and farmers.

Most of the women that benefitted from these contributions mostly belong to the BPL and do not possess even a ration card. With the support of the village headmen, it has enabled GRIRR to identify women who are in need of support and help during these trying times.

GRIRR’s engagement with ration distributions started from the month of April . 

This pandemic has brought a lot of unexpected challenged and struggles. We are grateful to Kolkata Gives , PwC India, and Goonj for lending their support in times of need and we still hope to work in helping persons with disabilities in the society when times are tough.

2020 Bihar Floods :

Around 38 District in Bihar have been severely affected by floods .Heavy downpour caused all the major rivers in the state to flow above the danger mark , flooding and submerging over 200 villages so far. It has already claimed that more than 70 lakh have been displaced. Thousands of families become homeless and lot of families were stuck in different area . The were facing challenges of life and were totally cut off from each another’s .GRIRR team and volunteers visited different area of Bihar like Saran District , Block Lahladpur ,Gram panchayat,Banshni, Mirzapur, and Lanunwa around 300 materials was distributed which including dry rations kits