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Child sponsorship is a regular giving program, wherein your (Monthly /Quarterly / Half-yearly / Annual ) contribution ensures special education, physiotherapy, speech therapy, healthcare, aids And Appliances like Ankle Foot orthosis, Prothothic, wheelchair Etc, support and safe childhood to children from the most marginalized communities in Garden Reach, Metaburuz Kolkata, West Bengal, we mean not just children in poor communities but also disabled, children with learning disabilities, children in conflict situations and children with limited or no access schools or basic facilities. The sponsored child keeps you informed about the progress made in their lives and that of the community. To effectively leverage the sponsored child’s efforts as an ambassador of the community in which he or she lives, we link each child to up to donors.

Become a Regular donor.

Regular giving ( or direct debit ) helps us to plan for the long –term project. There is an urgent need for regular giving as the people we work with need help every day. Your regular donation allows us to implement an impactful program that will bring about a substantial change in their lives.

When you Sponsor a child.

You are sponsoring a child’s special education, physiotherapy, speech therapy, healthcare, Aids and appliances and protection, and well –being of the community.
You are not just helping the child go to school but are addressing all the factors that are keeping the child out of it and the child can walk with Aids And appliances.
You are also helping build opportunities for the child’s family to have a sustainable source of livelihood and income.
Sponsor a child today and join us on a journey.

Join us on a journey and see how your support transforms the lives of children with disabilities and communities. You can donate either on a yearly basis or on a monthly basis

For yearly basis, you donate Rs.7140 per child per year. For monthly option, you donate Rs.595, per child per month. Rs.20 for per child per day through Credit card.

Payment Frequency

Rs. 595 Monthly

Rs. 1785 Quarterly

Rs. 3570 Half Yearly

Rs. 7140Annually

Seeking sponsor for 150 Children With Disabilities for their Special Education, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Special Teaching Learning Materials,Aids And Appliances.