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Pooja Shaw

Pooja Shaw is a 6 yrs old daughter of Binod Shaw and
Chanda devi who was diagnosed as Rickets with Bilateral Genu Varum deformity . She has 6 brothers and she is the youngest girl child. His father works as labour in a kite shop and earns 1000/- a week.

In October 2017 Pooja came to GRIRR ,before they were
taking treatment from the other rehabilitation NGO but
as they closed the center so they got to know about

Our physiotherapist assessed her and plan intervention
and Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) Which includes:-

  1. Calcium & vitamin D3 medicines
  2. Physiotherapy
  3. Orthosis
  4. Diet plan
  5. Home based management.

Her father took care of her and was very positive about her improvement. He followed all the steps as physiotherapist taught him. Now Pooja’s deformity has been cured and his father said “ I always see my child while going to school and feel very happy and pray for you all and those children who have disabilities.
I had lost my hope that my child could be cured but after coming to GRIRR I started hoping the
best for my child”.