Rehabilitating, Mainstreaming Inspiring To Go Beyond


Warm Springs, Georgia, USA

16 August 2020


I counted it a high honor and privilege to have served as a consultant and now to be asked to serve as chairman of the Advisory Board of the Garden Reach Institute for Rehabilitation and Research.  I look forward to serving.

Over the past three years, I have had opportunity to visit the Garden Reach program on several occasions and found the program to be doing an excellent job in difficult circumstances.

I commend the staff on the wonderful and efficient job they do despite less than ideal facilities and extremely limited resources.  They are all committed individuals who put the needs of the patients first.

I, also, commend the staff on their efforts to help people in the local area and elsewhere with acts of kindness through distribution of food and other humanitarian needs.

There are two pressing needs which must be addressed—a new location with adequate space for the different program modalities and a sustaining financial plan.

As chairman of the advisory board, I hope to help the staff identify and bring on board people from around the world as well as local who can assist the staff stay abreast of the latest innovations in each of the professional modalities and people who can be strong advocates for the program.  One of the lessons we have learned during this worldwide is that we can keep connected via the modern technologies.


G. Robert Prater, M.Ed.

Chairman of the GRIRR Advisory board