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Mishti Thakur

Mishti. Five months old. Born with clubbed
foot (foot twisted out of shape). Born to Puja
and Manoj Thakur of Metiabruz (earning
Rs.1200 a week). ‘Ab to zindagi bhai aise hi
jeena hoga’ was their resigned
acknowledgement. Until they encountered
Team GRIRR. An NGO focused on
rehabilitating children in need of
physiotherapy. GRIRR assured the parents that
the problem was indeed correctable. GRIRR
advised and oversaw Mishti being put in a
plaster cast followed by relevant
physiotherapy and CTEV cast. Soon Mishti will
be absolutely normal. Her mother blessed the
GRIRR team: ‘Bhogoban tomader bhaalo
rakhbe’. The remarkable thing was that the
difference between hopelessness and
optimism was a treatment cost of only Rs 5000. A lot can be done with little – if we care. If you
should seek to find prospective cases of this kind, call Nazim at 98315 17499